• We evaluate the source of your problem through postural pictures and video analysis of your functional movements

    Functional and Structural Evaluation

  • We sponsor the local athletes with Free clinics and education to prevent injuries and improve performance

    Services We Offer

  • Our one on one approach gives each patient quality time and skill needed for their healing

    One on One Manual Therapy

At In Balance Physical Therapy we treat the source of your problem, not just the pain! At our office your body is evaluated as a complete biomechanical chain to find out the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Movement analysis and skilled hands-on techniques are applied to restore function along with education for prevention of future recurrences of injuries. As function is restored and pain decreases, the ability of the human body is able to sustain activities of postural alignment during work, activities of daily living and athletic work outs.


We also work on targeting the autonomic nervous system to help decreases internal and external stresses on the body to help increase the healing process. Our office only delivers personalized and skilled one on one care that is not found in other offices. This is what makes us different than all the rest and allows us to help each patient achieve their individual needs and goals.

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We offer an Integrated approach to the human body designed to specifically evaluate and treat dysfunction.

This hands-on approach normalizes tissue function and decreases mechanical strain on the body during activity.

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