Peak Performance Running Analysis

What you will receive with your Peak Performance Running Analysis

  • Slow motion Video analysis outside ( not on a treadmill) from 3 perspectives along with video of functional movements  to identify any asymmetries that keep you from top performance or that can lead to injury.
  • Analysis of triplanar Core strength needed to be a successful runner.
  • Analysis of specific range of motion in key areas needed to run efficiently.
  • Personal exercise prescription to help eliminate the deficits identified in your analysis that hold you back from peak performance and that can lead to injury.


  1. Ray
    January 21, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    The instructions I received at the Peak Performance Running Analysis has improved my running. By filming the way I ran then having it evaluated, pointed out how I was inefficient. In Balance Physical Therapy showed me a better way to run along with strength exercises. Wow! was the reaction after the first run. I now felt that I was running with less effort and I tired less. Looking forward to the running season.
    Thank you for your help. Ray,


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