What is Pre-Hab , and how can it help you ?

January 19, 2018 0 Comments

Cleaning up imbalances in the body before they turn into full- blown injuries is key to running and fitness longevity and the first step when setting exercise or running goals.

Most of us take in our cars for regular oil changes. We may even get our teeth cleaned regularly, but what are we doing to tune before we start  pounding the pavement? That’s exactly what a “pre-hab” visit can do for you. With one evaluation, clients now have a way to increase their performance and prevent injuries before they have a chance to develop.  By slow motion analyzing a clients functional movements and running any imbalances in muscle strength and compensations can be detected.

The beauty of a great therapist is that they see the problem before it manifests. They study the entire biomechanical chain and analyze potential issues before they become an injury.

A good example would be Janet, who comes into the office for knee pain. She has been treated other places with ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice and some exercises. She has not had much success and becomes frustrated and resorts to using a knee brace and over the counter drugs for the problem. Upon evaluating her  whole biomechanics chain, We were able to find imbalance in one of her hips, which is where the source of the problem is located, even though she has no hip pain. Injuries need to be completely examined to locate the source of the injury, not just where the pain is. Many will keep chasing pain their whole life because they have not had anyone look at them from this perspective.

Instead of rehabbing an injury, In Balance Physical Therapy gives you a Pre-hab routine so you can keep running and training  injury free. They Address any aches and pains you may have by empowering you to take better care of yourself with self-mobilization techniques, Kinesio-taping, and other specific stability and mobility exercises .

These pre-hab evaluations take one hour and look at posture, flexibility, core stability ,strength and functional movements.

This year, do it right and get yourself a pre-hab check-up before you wind up looking for someone to treat an injury. It makes sense and saves you time, money and the anguish of having to stop your training right when you are gearing up for an important event.

In Balance Physical Therapy provides FREE running clinics and screenings to most of the high schools in Miami Dade as well as the running groups FootWorks. One of the bigger teams we cover is a continually growing club in Miami called FDC.

If you would like In Balance Physical Therapy to provide you with a free clinic for your club or group please contact Cathy Accurso at 305 -251-2912 or email at AccursoPT@gmail.com . Check us out to see how we are different at www. InBalancePhysicalTherapy.net, You won’t be disappointed !

Cathy Parbst-Accurso, PT, CKTP,FAFS is the the owner of In Balance Physical Therapy. As a former National Duathlon Champion and someone who was ranked 12th in the world as a professional athlete in her sport, she knows what it takes to not only excel in a sport but to prevent the injuries that one may be prone to.

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