Jonathan Mederos

August 3, 2010 Comments Off on Jonathan Mederos

The staff at In Balance Physical Therapy was instrumental in helping me return to elite runner status. Cathy and her staff treated me with the utmost care and expertise, following a professional model that is both preventive and injury-specific. Despite having a busy life and work schedule, I was able to receive the health team’s full and undivided attention thanks in great part to their flexible scheduling. Having been a supremely competitive athlete herself, Cathy understands the need for runners to resume their daily training activities as quickly as possible. In prescribing a series of exercises to strengthen both my core and leg muscles, we hoped to correct any imbalances that had caused my left knee to flare up with a debilitating case of runner’s knee. Sure enough, within 3-4 weeks I was completely healed and blessed with a new pair of orthotics, custom-designed on site. I would recommend In Balance Physical Therapy to any ailing runner who seeks a holistic, family-oriented, and effective cure to their injury woes.

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